Relax your Body

After soaking in the wonders of Samui all day

Spa Packages

Our Spa Packagess have been carefully selected to deliver you the full satisfaction of a spa experience unique to Peace Tropical SPA. Explore the best of our selection anddiscover the right kind of relaxation for you.

3.5 HR. 4,500 THB

Spring in the Tropics

This Signature Journey is designed to give you a taste of our plentiful range of treatments and leave you refreshed & relaxed like a new spring season. The treatment combines a rich steam & jacuzzi to cleanse and soften your skin, followed by a our signature massage and finish with a facial for your skin type.

Steam &

Peace Massage

Facial for
Your Skin Type

Body Scrub
Choice of Coconut, Jasmine, Thai Herbal,)

2 HR. 2,500 THB

Bird of Paradise

Start with a smooth yet firm massage as graceful as the bird of paradise to relax your body and mind and finish with a Aromatic Facial

(Choice of Thai, Aroma)

Aromatic Facial

2.5 HR. 2,700 THB

Creek to Waterfall

A cleansing body scrub begins the treatment as if moving a refreshing creek and builds up like a waterfall with a body massage then tones down as you reach the ground with a neck, back & shoulder massage to unwind any leftover tension.

Body Scrub
Choice of Coconut, Jasmine, Thai Herbal,)

(Choice of Thai, Aroma)

Neck, Back, and
Shoulder Massage

3 HR. 3,100 THB

Earth & Sky

This special treatment translates the tranquility of the outdoors, tailoring it into a package especially geared for men. We start with a calming herbal steam & jacuzzi which is the "sky" component symbolizing the air and pelting rain upon your body, then moves on to a relaxing massage executed firmly by our highly trained masseuse. We then follow this with the solid "earth" in a foot massage. When you finish, all tension will be replaced by relaxation from head to toe, letting you stand tall and broad.


(Choice of Thai, Aroma)

Foot Massage

4.5 HR. 5,500 THB

Nirvana Under The Bodhi Tree

The complete Spa Packages that aims to give you the ultimate experience of peaceful bliss while surrounded by natural elements through a facial to soften and tone the face, followed by a refreshing and smoothing body scrub, a cleansing wrap to remove toxins from the body and then long, grand finale of a full body massage of your choice for an hour.

Steam & Jacuzzi

(Choice of any Scrub)

(Choice of any Massage)

(Choice of 60 mins Facials)

Body Wrap
(Choice of any Body Wrap)