Relax your Body

After soaking in the wonders of Samui all day


Experience our massages, which begin like a stream trickling down your body, slowly building up to the impressive strength of a waterfall that drowns out all the tension in your muscles

Signature Peace Massage

Get the best of both worlds in this Massage, which combines therapeutic Thai massage with the smooth relaxation of an oil massage. Applied with firm to medium pressure, it is designed to reduce muscle aches as well as stretch the muscles.

60 minutes / 1,500 THB
90 minutes / 1,800 THB

Traditional Thai Massage

Let our Traditional Thai Massage return your body to its natural state. Feel the energy coursing through your muscles as our expert masseuse's hands apply firm to medium pressure to your body, relieving tension. End with a twist and stretch of the body that leaves your muscles flexible, the way it's meant to be.

60 minutes / 1,300 THB
90 minutes / 1,500 THB
120 minutes / 1,800 THB

Swedish Massage

If you're an active person, this massage is just right for you. Experience a range of hand pressures (firm, deep, medium, hard), all masterfully combined to reduce muscle aches and stiffness from overuse. Feel the soreness of exercise and physical activities melt away with our signature Swedish Massage.

60 minutes / 1,400 THB
90 minutes / 1,700 THB

Aroma Massage

The massage to heighten your senses with the fragrance of natural herbal and floral oils. Ideal after you have had another massage and have loosened some muscles, the aroma massage is meant to pamper your body with smooth, long slow strokes accompanied by oil to melt away any leftover tension.

60 minutes / 1,400 THB
90 minutes / 1,700 THB

Herbal Compress Massage

Experience the healing power of tropical herbs with this massage. Warm herbal compress balls press against your muscles in circular motion to loosen tension while the subtle fragrances of herbs soothe your senses and elevate your experience from the inside out.

120 minutes / 1,900 THB

Hot Stone Massage

A massage that reveals some of nature's best secrets, using Lava Stones to melt the tension in your muscles away and unwind a tired body. Heated stones are applied to key points on your body, relaxing the muscles and readying them for the smooth oil massage with the pressure of the stones, guaranteed to melt your stress away.

90 minutes / 2,200 THB

Neck, Back, & Shoulder Massage

A massage that helps restore your posture by loosening tight muscles on your back neck and shoulder area, perfect for after a flight. Firm medium to strong pressure reduces tension, while concentration on the neck and shoulder area reduces stiffness. Feel that tense "office shoulder" disappear as you fully ease into your vacation.

30 minutes / 1,000 THB
60 minutes / 1,300 THB

Indian Head Massage

A massage for the mind. Enjoy this quiet meditative treatment that invigorates you as warm coconut oil is massaged into the pressure points on your scalp and temples, easing your stress away.

30 minutes / 1,200 THB

Foot Massage

Feel as though you are walking through the forest while the grass, mosses and fern gently massage your toes. This massage will renew stiff, sore, or tense feet both top and bottom through applying firm pressure to key areas of your feet. When you stand back up, you'll feel more balanced, lighter, and looser.

30 minutes / 1,000 THB
60 minutes / 1,300 THB