Relax your Body

After soaking in the wonders of Samui all day

Body Treatment

The fruits of nature call out silently with their bright, wondrouscolors, as if beckoning to open up and show rich textures and tastes

Jasmine Rice Scrub soft scrub | Normal Skin

A uniquely Thai treatment from the country's fields, this wonderfully scented scrub removes dead skin cells and helps renew lackluster skin. This soft scrub starts by massaging the jasmine rice cream into your skin, cleansing and moisturizing it at the same time. When done your skin feels moist, soft, fresh and as fluffy and smooth as jasmine rice.

50 minutes / 1,600 THB

Coconut Scrub soft scrub | Sensitive - Normal Skin

A treatment that cannot be missed in Samui. This rich creamy coconut scrub contains enzymes & coconut extracts will refresh dry skin. The scrub begins by rubbing and massaging milky coconut cream across your body, allowing your skin to absorb moisture and nourishment. When you are done, you'll leave feeling smoother, cleaner and revitalized-ready for another day at the beach under the coconut trees.

50 minutes / 1,600 THB

Thai Herbal Scrub | Normal Skin

For a more intense cleansing experience, try this scrub, which is meant to rub off hard and flaky skin while moisturizing it. The treatment begins by using a rich blend of Thai herbs that are rubbed and massaged across your body, allowing moisture into your skin, and finishes with a refreshing shower to rinse away the herbs, leaving your skin soft, smooth and fresh.

50 minutes / 1,500 THB

Coffee Scrub mild scrub | Normal Skin

Let your skin drink in the toxin flushing properties of coffee with this scrub. The caffeine in the Coffee Scrub not only reduces toxins but also redistributes fat cells, decreasing appearance of cellulite and reducing varicose veins. The treatment begins by massaging a coffee grounds blend onto your body to break down fats underneath the skin in motions meant to increase circulation, leaving the skin smoother and more balanced.

50 minutes / 1,500 THB

Thai Herbal Wrap | Normal Skin

A blend of Thai herbs wrapped around your body to help eliminate toxins, opening up the pores of your skin and drawing out impurities. Once unwrapped, you will feel refreshed as new.

50 minutes / 1,600 THB

Aloe Vera Wrap

The ideal wrap after spending time on the beach under the sun. Let the aloe vera plant's soothing gel relieve your sunburn. The step begins by tea bag compress to cool down read area, then wrapping the body completely to help your skin absorb the aloe vera as deeply as possible. After the wrap, your skin will feel cool from the inside out and any skin irritation from the sun calmed.

50 minutes / 1,600 THB

Firming & Detoxifying Wrap

This wrap uses a nutrient - rich contouring and capsicum cream to reduce cellulite by detoxifying fatty deposits in the body. The highly concentrated contouring cream helps with the slimming by drawing out excess fluid stored in the body. This treatment starts by opening your skin and scrubbing it to detox the pores, followed by a elaborate massage that lets your skin absorb the the moisturizing cream as well as dispersing fatty deposits. Your whole body will then be covered with the contouring cream which traps heat and opens pores of the skin to further flush out toxins and excess fluid. During the body wrap you may experience a prolong period of feeling warm. This is simply due to the effect of our wrap that traps heat. After you shower to wash off the contouring cream the warm effects may last short term.

90 minutes / 1,900 THB